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Business Travel…living a glamorous life!

by Rob Cross on March 25th, 2011

There’s a fleeting moment when for once in your life in life when you are able to line up in the business class queue and then proceed through fast track section of security that you think; “this is it…I’ve made it as a professional.”

At this moment it’s easy to think; ‘what a glamorous life it is to be a business traveller! Jet setting around the world. Business class lounges, nice staff and great hotels.’

But, is it really all that glamourous?

As I write this I’m sitting in the BA First Club Lounge at one of London Heathrow’s many terminals. When the guy at the check in desk said, “Sir, I’m afraid I have some bad news for you,” after a tough day I did really think the worst. Instead he up graded me from business to first. With an inflated chest and sense of over importance I then trotted off the BA lounge and took advantage of their wonderful catering services.

But, as I settled down to wait for my 2 hour delayed flight I once again realised that as lovely as flying first class and enjoying all the splendours of the first class lounge are, and then as lovely as the 5 star hotel in Singapore will be…I would gladly forgoe it all to be at home and then enjoy the weekend with my partner and friends.

While this may seem a little self indulgent, I write this with an interesting question in mind:

Is travelling for work really all that glamorous?

A few weeks ago, having arrived in Edinburgh on the red-eye flight I bumped into someone I recruited many years ago who then left the organisation we worked for to join a big 4 consultancy. She looked tired and to be honest, but not overly inspired. She was earning the ‘big bucks’ but working the hours to do it.

Without wanting to dwell on the point…business travel is not glamorous, at least not in the longer term. Therefore, when being seduced by the glamorous corporate life style…see it for what it is…with glamor comes cost and more often, that cost is yours to bare! So…make your choices consciously!

Just a thought….

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